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Tuesday 20 January

Better Than Banks!

It was, until a very short time ago, felt that the best investments were in the financial sector. How wrong that has proved to be, with many of the worlds top banks having to be rescued by Governments, and billions upon billions of pounds worth of toxic debt washing round the system. I think I may have the answer - Bloodstock. The bloodstock market, as a result of the recent goings on in the world markets, is, like everything, depressed, and thus horses with very good pedigrees are becoming very affordable. Allied with this, the fact that a national hunt foal purchased now will be coming back to the market in 2-3 years time when the world should be on a bit more of an upward curve and you can see that it makes sense to dip your toe in now. There are a number of foals with excellent pedigrees available later this month, and if anyone would like to venture into this scheme with me then please give me a call on 07909 518902 to discuss further details.



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