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Tuesday 3 February

Bloodstock Interest.

We had plenty of interest from people wanting to join the new Bloodstock Partnership that will buy a foal now and sell it on in a couple of years as we hopefully come out of this financial hole the country finds itself in.As those of you who read this page will be aware, last week I bought a really nice Kayf Tara filly at the sales with the intention of syndicating her, but I have to say that I like her so much I am going to keep her and syndicate her as a racehorse when she is old enough to train, as I feel that she is potentially top class. If there are still a few of you out there that would like to have a share in a bloodstock investment, then please let me know as I will be looking to buy another foal in the next couple of weeks, with the sole purpose of selling it on as a store. I have plenty of options, as there are some very well bred foals left on studs that did not go to the sales and I will be casting my eye over them soon. Ideally the syndicate will involve 5 members, with a capital outlay of 1500 - 2000 plus a monthly payment to cover all costs.If we find nothing that we like, or feel is commercial, then I will sell the filly in shares, but as I say I really want to keep her to go to Fences Farm in a few years!! Ring or email me if you are interested.



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