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Tuesday 7 July

Back To Work

The first Monday in July is, by tradition, the day that the 'winter'horses come back into work after their holidays. So at the start of the week it was time to get a few in from the field, and get them ridden again for the first time. In the case of Rousing Rob he was ridden for the first time this year. It is now that the dream starts for the forthcoming season, and we always try to work out/guess how many winners will be on the board by the end of the season. We have never been able to get it right as some horses disappoint, and others do far better than expected, but I hope we can keep the recent trend of turning a few second places into winners, and beat last years total. A few horses will have a week or two longer in the field - Jardin De Vienne and Bobby Gee will have an extra fortnight as they both seem to need a bit of cut in the ground and there is no point in having them ready to soon.College Ace has been in for a little while, as he needs the better ground in the Autumn, and of course we have Mattaking and Important Business on their rest periods - neither will be back at Fences Farm until early in the new year.The yards have all been steam cleaned, disinfected, and painted and are looking great. The back yard has had a total makeover,and as Emma Conlisk who came to see us for the first time last weekend said, 'it is a lovely place to work and train horses'. Daurica is having a little break, and will be back racing later in the summer. Must keep an eye on Red Jester at Uttoxeter tonight - he ran well for a long way behind Kikos, and with Nesnaas franking the form on Sunday, this fellow may well uphold the form as well.



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