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Wednesday 8 July

Up Eight

Kikos has been raised 8 lbs for his last win. This is just about what was expected, but we just have to hope that he does not go up again when the handicapper looks at the run of Nesnaas on Sunday. Although the revised marks are published on a Tuesday morning, they only apply to races that are run before the end of play on the Saturday before, so, because Nesnaas was a winner on Sunday the upholding of the form of the Uttoxeter run will not come into play until the weights are published next week - so we could go up a pound or two then as well!! As Kikos is now on 119, this may push him over the 120 mark which is the ceiling for his next run - but as he will be entered next Monday and the weights not published until the Tuesday he will still be eligible to run, but let's hope it does not come to that!! As I have said, it is nice to have an improving horse, that is getting higher in the ratings,but it does make life a lot harder! No form updates from last night as racing at Uttoxeter was unfortunately abandoned, but Star Of Germany - second behind us last time runs in a handicap hurdle at Worecester off of significantly lower mark. Terrific downpours during the day meant that the crossings became waterlogged and although a lot of work got them safe to race over, it was not possible to get the Ambulances around the course, and in the interest of safety the meeting could not go ahead. Who can believe it - too hot and dry one week and too wet the next. I was watching events unfold on At The Races and must say I was disappointed with the comments from Mat Chapman, a man who willingly says that he rarely goes to a race meeting, who said that he was sure something could be done and that it was a disgraceful state of affairs. You could see that everyone was doing all they could, and no-one can second guess the weather when it comes across in heavy and patchy showers like it did yesterday, and I think it was just bad luck - unlike Worcester last week which was more down to bad planning. Sometimes these pundits should keep their mouths shut!! One sensible thing that needs to be done is to ensure that when instances such as these occur, the people that have incurred the expense of travelling horses to the races are reimbursed - surely the Racecourses could be insured against these eventualities, and therefore there could be a claims proceedure to ensure that at least the costs incurred by the owners and trainers in getting to the races are recoupable. I am sure that each meeting is insured in case of abandonment, and Uttoxeter and Worcester will both be receiving a payment to cover their loss of income - so why can it not be widened to cover owners and trainers transport in the event of abandonment.



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