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Monday 27 July

Kikos Checked Over

Kikos was ridden today for the first time since his run at Market Rasen. As I said last week - he was a little sore after his run, but was significantly better on Monday, and spent the rest of the week in the field. When ridden this morning it was felt that he was not 100% sound - when trotted in hand it is very difficult to see that he is lame, but when ridden he seems to take a short step every now and then. During the past week Stuart has flexed his knees and palpated his ligaments and tendons and cannot find a problem, so he is off to the vets for them to assess him, so that he gets the correct treatment and exercise. We do not think it is anything serious - but it is better to be safe than sorry, as any exercise on an existing injury could make it a whole lot worse.



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