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Thursday 17 September

Photo Call

Good to have Ben Turner over at Fences Farm yesterday to see his horse Bobby Gee. Ben had been part of the Coventry side that had beaten Sheffield United the night before, and was on great form after such a big win - as he said 'Sheffield are a good side and will be in the play-offs, so to win was a great result'. Ben saw Bobby do two good canters second lot, and was really pleased with what he saw, Bobby seems to have his old verve and enthusiasm back and we are just waiting for a spell of rain to crack on with him. Third lot saw Rousing Rob and Jardin De Vienne out and they both did one canter, and then it was back to the yard to be scoped. A batch were scoped yesterday to ensure that they are healthy and well enough to step up their training. Unfortunately horses can't tell you if they fell under the weather, so it is vital to check them over before they start to do the very hard and fast work that may cause serious problems if they are not 100%. All the scopes were great, a couple will just need a few days low level anti-biotic to help them along, but really it was a successful visit from Brett the vet. Ben was fascinated to see how it was done and even got to look down the scope and see what the vet was looking at - a rare insight! We then nipped up the pub for a bite to eat - and then it was back for photos. As I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago Mark Beesley did a ferature on the yard in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo, and when he heard about Ben and Jay owning a bit of Bobby he was keen to do a feature on them, so although unable to be there yesterday he sent Sharon, and keen Coventry supporter to take some photos of Ben and Bobby for a feature he will write in a week or two. The girls turned Bobby out looking a million dollars for his photo shoot, and he looked great in his paddock sheet in the sun. Thanks girls for your time and efforts.



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