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Wednesday 6 January

More Snow!!

I think that many local authorities should send their people to racing yards to see how to cope and get keep things moving during freeze ups such as this. These conditions are very testing for so many, but spare a thought for stable staff who work all hours, doing tasks that take at least twice as long to keep the horses on the move, and hopefully provide us with some sport (and winners) when the whole show gets back on the road. I know that the girls read this, so just a note to say thanks for the bottle that they gave me for Christmas, a gift that will be very much enjoyed through these cold nights - thanks again, and many thanks also for all the hard work you do! There have been quite a few visitors to the yard over the past few days, with the frost and snow around many folks are struggling to get work into their horses, so there has been a steady stream of workers using the gallops at Fences Farm. Caroline Bailey has worked plenty, but could not get out of her yard yesterday - the hunt have been in to exercise their horses as they just can't get out anywhere, and of course Michael Kehoe has been bringing his pointers over, but with the weather forecast as it is, I wonder when any of us will see competitive/sporting action?!! Roll on the thaw!!



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