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Friday 8 January

No Change!

No change in the weather - still horrible - best place for it is on Christmas Cards!! Really bad luck at Lingfield yesterday - all those folks who love the 'all weather' (not me I have to say)!! Were left disapppointed when the meeting was abandoned due to a lack of medical cover (ambulances), spare a thought for the poor chaps who had been up all night harrowing the track to keep the meeting on, only to see their efforts amount to nought due to a lack of ambulances!! I bet they were chuffed!! Club News - Kikos is back in and has settled back into his routine well - as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I will be starting another club this year which will be run along the same lines as Kikos ie. 300 - 500 per share plus 20/week to cover all costs. I am pleased to say that there has been a lot of interest in the new club so please get your name down early as I think the places will be filled fairly quickly!! Call 07909 518902, or email to book your place!



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