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Wednesday 7 April

The Cycle Continues

It is at this time of yesr that the 'life of a racehorse' starts for some. Yesterday Stuart picked up the first batch of 2 year olds from the Stud, which will be broken in and ridden away for a few weeks before going back to the stud for the summer. I liken it to their primary school education, in that they are not expected to do too much, but learn a lot of the lessons that will be needed to see them through their careers. When this part of their education is complete they will return to 'playing ponies' at the stud for 12 months, after which they will return to Fences Farm to do their 'secondary school' which will involves a few canters on the gallop. Important Business and Mattaking will just step up the pace this week, so fingers crossed that all goes well with that - they are both in great form, and I can't wait to see them back on the track! Jardin De Vienne continues to thrive with the sun on his back. It was good to see Donna Williams make her first visit to Fences Farm on Saturday, along with 'regular' Ollie, and Ray Webb. Ollie and Ray both have shares in Kikos who worked very well, and Donna has recently taken a share in JDV who she saw breeze very well - in fact Donna was to learn all about the racing term 'Being Fxxxxd Off With' as Jardin scooted past with Bev looking a bit red in the face!! JDV will be aimed at races from the 19th of April.



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