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Tuesday 25 May

Good News!

It is not often that the vet comes in to look at a lame one - and the news ends up being good! But yesterday it happened. Mattaking was slightly lame yesterday morning after his run on Sunday when he pulled up a little sore, so 'Brett The Vet' was summoned. Matty was scanned and although there is some scar tissue from his previous injury all appeared to be OK, so the next step was to x-ray his joint as it was felt he may have a slight fracture, but the results came through in the afternoon and they were clear! What did show up was a bit of arthritis, which had probably flared up with the run, and was causing him the discomfort. His joints will be medicated next week, and he should be back in full work in no time. All in all a good outcome as it did look as if the old injury had resurfaced, which would probably have meant either a long spell out again, or even retirement. I am looking to start another 'Club' horse for next season, but will only do so if the right horse is available (we do have some to look at) so if you would like to reserve your place in a new horse for only 20/week then please call (07909 518902) or email to book your place in the new syndicate, you never know we may just be getting the next Kikos!



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