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Monday 26 July

Club Horse.

Many of the club members (Kikos) have asked me if I can find a horse for them to go to the races with in the winter. As it is a waste of time running Kikos on anything remotely softer than good ground, his season comes to an end in the early Autumn, and it does seem like a bloody long time until he is ready to go again in the spring. So (by popular demand) I have been on the look out for a horse that will fit the bill, and tomorrow we will get to see a beautiful looking 3 yr old colt that I am advised should be just the ticket for juvenile hurdles through the winter. As mentioned plenty of club members have already stated that they would be up for a bit of winter fun, so places are very much in short supply so if you are a member of the club and would like a share in this new boy, and would like to provisionally put your name forward then please give me a call or send an email.Existing club members will have first refusal, after which the shares will go on 'public' sale. Costs will be approx 400 per 1/25 share plus the usual 20/week all inclusive training fees.



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