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Friday 20 August

Apology Accepted

I finally got round to putting a few races on to tape last night, and nearly fell off the chair when I heard the following statement from Jonathan Neesom before Kikos's run at Aintree - 'I have said some rather impolite things about him (Kikos) in the past. All of which have been proven to be totally wrong'!!! WOW!! I never thought I would live to hear this! He even went on to call him 'the magnificent Kikos' wonders will never cease. Remember this is the same 'expert' that said Ogee 'would never win a race until they slapped the visor back on and dropped him back to 2 miles' and that E Major 'was chucked out of Sir Michael Stoutes and was ungenuine and needed headgear' as well. Ogee is a Grade 1 winner and E Major trotted up in his last start and is a 130 rated novice!! He has already apologised about his Ogee comments so we are now expecting his apology to EM!! His comments in the past have got Stuart and I pretty angry, and we have been bordering on confrontoing him about them - but Mrs Robeson always says 'let the horses do the talking' and they have certainly been doing that!! I will forgive Neesom saying rude things about them from now on, as when he does, they all seem to turn out rather well!! Omaruru has graduated to jumping the baby hurdle and is getting on well. Bobby continues to go really well (no noises) and should be ready to go in about 6 weeks. Kikos is on course to be back on the track soon, and Robo is in the form of his life - bucking and kicking, and for that reason he has started to canter!! Well done to Mike Murphy and Jerry and the team at Westoning who so nearly managed to land a nice handicap at York yesterday - that really is a pocket rocket!!



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