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Tuesday 31 August

A Social

A really fun 'social' day out at Huntingdon yesterday. Having not fancied the look of the card too much, I was not intending going, but a text from friends yesterday morning changed that and Cheryl and I went, and had a very enjoyable day out at the sports.It was good to see Louise, her husband Adrian and their daughter Sophie who is as mad keen on racing and horses as you can be at 8!! Thanks to Sam and Richie for leaving some badges for us - and signing some autographs for a very excited young lady!! It was a good opportunity to catch up with some owners, and keep them updated with the progress of their horses - Paul Collins and Donna Williams were there, along with Kevin and Jo Hornby, and Dave Clark, Maurice and Michelle Folley. Everyone is very excited at the prospects for the forthcoming season, and can't wait to get back on track. The dentist has been in and had his regular check round. All the horses are looked at at this time of year, we don't feel at our best with poor dental health and the horses are no different. It may not make them go faster, but is all part of general health.



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