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Friday 5 November


News today comes like sparks from a Catherine Wheel!! Firstly Sam is out of hospital and back at home. He has fractured his C1 vertebra and will be off games for about 8 weeks. His consultant has told him that at this stage he does not need an operation and that the fracture should mend fine. Both horses that ran on Wednesday seem A1, and the task of planning their next outing has begun. Omaruru will be out again in early December when there are quite a few suitable options for him. On the back of his great run on Wednesday, two more shares in him were sold yesterday, and we would like to welcome Mr and Mrs Andrew Shaw and Mike Cox into the fold. All are new to ownership and we hope we can go to some nice places with their first horse. A big thankyou to Kevin Copperwheat and Paul Collins - as they introduced Mike to the fold, they qualify for the 100 cash back that we give, but the they have said that they would like me to pass it on to Sam to help him out while he is off games - a lovely gesture, and one that I am sure will be much appreciated. On behalf of Sam, Thankyou! Off to see Peter Kay tonight, should be a good one, but I may miss first lot tomorrow!!



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