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Wednesday 19 October


Those of you who have seen Omar over the course of the last month will find the following news nothing short of amazing! He is back on the walker and feeling full of beans! After 2 near death experiences his powers of recovery are nothing short of incredible! Those that have walked him to the field for his pick of grass (several times a day) have been saying that he was getting full of himself and acting up, so after consulting the vet he was given the go-ahead to go back on the walker several times a day to help build his strength back up. Stuart reports that he is stacking on the weight again now as well - so hopefully we are out of the woods and may even start to (very tentatively), look toward the future and the resumption of his racing career. Fingers crossed. I have had a very good response about the new Racing Club, with several people putting their names down for a 4% share. Please spread the word, as you will qualify for a 100 bonus if you introduce someone to the 'cause'. looking at the forecast we may get some rain at the start of next week (but these do have a habit of changing) and if it is as much as it looks it will mean some ease in the going at some of these tracks at last. Hopefully we will be able to debut Smart Exit soon!



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