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Thursday 1 December

Miracle Man

Omaruru - remember him? The horse that was christened The Machine 2 days before coming oh so close to succumbing to colic - well he took another massive step back to a full recover yesterday when Alice rode him up the drive for the first time since undergoing major surgery. It was something we had dreamed of seeing again, but to be fair there were moments a couple of months ago when we realistically thought that he would never have a saddle on again! He is one tough cookie, and has been a fantastic patient - he has earnt huge respect from everyone! As you can see from the photos he looks amazing and has piled on the weight. He will continue to be ridden out and the situation will be under constant scrutiny - if he shows signs of falling back we will ease off of him and be patient. I am sure like us all you are thrilled to see these photos!

  Look at thre a**e on that (Omaruru I mean)!
Look at thre a**e on that (Omaruru I mean)!

A sight for sore eyes!
A sight for sore eyes!



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