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Monday 13 February

Beyond A Joke

Minus 14 on Saturday morning, with freezing fog into the bargain!! Awful! Stuart did a great job in just about keeping the gallop moved so at least the horses could get out and do a little exercise - but that was a horrible job, on a tractor with no heating! I gave first lot a miss due to the fact that I was not prepared to stand on the top of the hill and see nothing (fog) and freeze, but went up after breakfast. The horses (and jockeys) all looked pretty chilly, with frost in their manes, forelocks and whiskers! It made them all look old and grey! It did at least become bearable when the sun came out at about 10.30, and the horses all got to do a bit. It looks as though the thaw has arrived, and we should be racing again this week. San Telm, Ogee, Silver Wren, and Grassfinch all hold entries in Fakenham on Friday - so we are looking forward to a good day out! Brett The Vet was in this morning and had another look at Colebrooke while he was on site, and is happy with him - he will start cantering again this week, and will now go straight to the Festival where he will have entries in a couple of handicaps.



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