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Thursday 14 June

Here We Go Again!

Those of you that have followed us for a few years will know all about this scenario. The weather just starts to dry up - and Stuart and Trish decide to go away for a bit! Cue more torrential rain! Guess what - they go tomorrow! Guess what happens tonight - yep - a cloud burst! Always the way! Having run 80% of the 'summer horses' on Tuedsay evening it is a quiet week at Fences Farm. Kikos is still on the go, but he will start the 'revving up' next week. This will give me an chance to have a 'Saturday off' - and I will not be at the yard this weekend. It does mean that I can enjoy a few pints down the pub on Friday, and after The Fonz won on Tuesday, and I tipped him to plenty of the lads down there, I could get away with not having to put my hand in my pocket very much! (no change there some will say)! All the horses seem fine after their runs, although Tara didn't eat up that night, and spent most of yesterday morning walking around her paddock in a bit of a daze. We will see how she is in a couple of weeks, and decide what is the best course of action for her.She was very green on the night, and was whinnying away after the race - a sure sign of her inexperience, and the fact that she will improve! She has ability, but it looks as though she is too weak to do herself justice at the moment.

Stu's off again!!

The Usual Scenario
The Usual Scenario

But I have the answer!!
But I have the answer!!



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