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Monday 7 January

Good News!

Brett The Vet was in this morning to have a closer look at Smart Exit. SE had some filling around the top of one of his joints after his win in Fakenham, and on an initial examination last week he (the vet) was sure that it was a minor strain and nothing too much to worry about. The good news this morning is that after scanning the area he can find no problems with the tendon or associated ligaments. It seems that SE has simply overflexed the joint, that has lead to some minor fibre tear in the tendon sheath. This is a good outcome, as an injury to the tendon would have meant a good 12 - 15 months on the sidelines. This injury will mean a hold up for a month which is the best possible outcome. SE will continue to go on the walker, and will have the area medicated next week, which will tighten things up, after which he will walk and trot for another week before hopefully resuming cantering. There are plenty of races for him going forward, and he could well be winning again before the end of the season! One thing that is for sure his jockey is in great form! Josh has had a great start to the year with 3 winners! Including a run away success in the Sussex National for his father Gary at their local track Plumpton yesterday. It was a great ride, not too far away from Carberry on Saturday - both horses held up out the back and not jumping great, but like Carberry Josh produced him with perfection to win nicely!



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