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Wednesday 24 April


No other way to put it Tannerman ran a shocker last night and became only the second horse in our colours to be pulled up since we started the job in 1999!! All seemed well with the boy before the race with a clean scope and some good work - in fact he had worked and breezed with Amistress last week and done it very well, which makes the run very puzzling! We will monitor the situation over the next few days and make a decision as to the future.Last night after the race, Tom Garner did report that Ted made a noise at the bottom of the hill, which sounded like he is dislocating his soft palate, if this is the case, and he is looking after himself a bit, I would imagine it would be best to put him on the transfer list and bring in something that will be more competitive. I will be scouring the sales catalogues in May! Amistress got the evening back on track with a great debut run in the mares novices hurdle. If she had got away from the last slightly sharper she may well have won, but Paddy Brennan, having his first ride for the yard was delighted with her - and will want to be on her next time! Both horses seem fine this morning. It was back to Towcester this morning, where Ogee and Ereyna went for a racecourse gallop. Ogee loves this and duly destroyed his galloping partners, winning his work in some style. Ereyna behaved impeccably on her first look at a racecourse, and although green in the early part of her work, the penny dropped and she stayed on well up the hill to finish in front of the rest of them! Despite the poor run from Tannerman - I hope those that attended had an enjoyable evening in the sun, and rest assured we will be doing everything to get in the 1 spot sooner rather than later!!



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