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Thursday 30 May

Check Date!

As I just typed the date I had to check I was not going mad! With the temperature outside it certainly doesn't feel like the 30th May - more like 30th January!! I will not be the only one moaning - those horses out in the fields on their holidays will not be having much fun either - they will be huddled up under hedges with their bums turned into the wind and rain! For all that they may not have enjoyed the last couple of days it is very important that they get to go away for a time - to forget about work and racing - and play ponies for a while. Like us - they all need to get away! Talking of which Stuart gets back tomorrow - and guess what - the weather gets warmer - him and that bloody caravan - he, single handedly, manages to balls the weather up for everyone when he hitches on to his shed!! It will not be long now until Benefit Cut comes back in from his holidays - he will be in the first draft back in as he needs a sound surface and we want him fit and ready to run in September! The lads that want some cut in the ground will come in later as there is (usually) not too much soft ground around until the middle of October. We begin an advertising campaign in the Racing Post on Saturday (Derby Day) which we are very excited about - with the deals we have on offer - I am sure it will not be long before we have a full Club membership, and all the shares are sold in the partnerships! To beat the rush and guarantee yourself a place in the fun - email: or give me a call on: 07909 518902 or 01234 771940.



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