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Thursday 11 July

Much Better!!

We all feel that honesty is the best policy, and it would be far from honest for me to say that Tara Dancer worked sparklingly on Saturday morning. It was the first time she had been asked to do a full piece right form the bottom, and despite coming up the hill very well, she flattened out on the top, markedly. Stuart was surprised as she had breezed off the top very well last week, and really had Ogee on the stretch so we were all a bit puzzled. TD seemed able to do a great bottom half of the gallop - or a great top half breeze - but not put the two together. She was scoped on Tuesday to confirm that she was not suffering from a respiratory infection, and that was as clean as a whistle, and also showed there was no deformity of the Larynx. This result narrowed it down to one possibility - her soft palate, which can be helped with the aid of a tongue tie - so Stuart tried one yesterday. Always a worry that they will not face the tongue tie, but she did without a fuss, and the great news is that she worked very well from the bottom, right to the top. Stuart called directly after the work and was thrilled, he rode Ogee, and said 'I gave her a length at the bottom , and thought I would pick her up easily, but I couldn't - she has got him cooked all the way up the hill, and then shown decent speed to stay in front of him on the top'. She has finally shown us what we thought she was capable of - and we now have to hope it all holds together for her run in Southwell in 12 days time. You can join us there as an owner as well!! It costs just 20/week to join in the fun - please call 07909 518902/01234 771940 or email for further details!



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