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Thursday 25 July


Yesterday - as always - I was brutally honest about where we are with Tara Dancer. I requested feedback from those of you who felt that they had something to give, and I received a big response. I am glad to say you were all equally frank with your views. I feel that this is the way that Racing Partnerships/Clubs need to be run/managed. At the end of the day we all have a stake in the animal, and we are well aware that it is your money and we really are not in the habit of wasting it!! This was the reason that from the very start shares in Tara Dancer were offered on a lease only basis - I did not want anyone to pay a lot of money for a share - find out that she needed 12 months off - only then for her to do what she did on Tuesday - that scenario would have put me off the job for good!! I try and run Nick Brown Racing to be as user friendly and accommodating as possible - I believe our communication to be right up there, and try to do my best to make everyone feel like a sole owner. As I am sure you are aware there are never any guarantees when you buy young untried horses - some turn out to be fantastic, and others turn out to be 'pups'. That's the gamble!! The result of the feedback so far is hugely in favour of making a Partnership with Guest Of Honour. This will mean that Club members will now have 1 horse (GOH), but instead of having 50 members - the Club will become a Partnership and have 25 members. In effect you will have half the horses, but double the stake in him. This will mean that your share of prize money will double etc etc. As he is a proven horse Shares in Guest Of Honour will be available to purchase for 500 for those that wish to - but a leasehold interest will still be available for those that wish to remain as they are). I hope you all understand where we are coming form, and appreciate that we are doing everything in our power to make racing affordable and fun, but sometimes things don't pan out as planned! At least I hope you can appreciate that we are trying very hard not to waste your money!



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