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Thursday 28 November

Sick, Lame And Lazy

A slow news day today - so we turn our attentions to Mrs Robeson's able assistant and right hand man - Stuart. The poor lamb couldn't get to work yesterday, and had to have a day off - with a cold!! Although he swears it is man-flu, and he is lucky to be alive!! He joined the easy list, with the rest of the sick, lame and lazy!!! The poor boy, is up and about again this morning. On a more serious note, it is worth mentioning that he recently successfully completed the last of three modules required to gain a trainers license - so congratulations to him - I am sure he will make a good fist of training in his own name when the time arrives!! On the horse front, all is well. San Telm is being seen again by Lucy McGarrity on Friday as planned, but looks to be well on the mend - I am sure he will appreciate an extra massage. Brett the vet will be in on Monday to attend to Benefit Cut's ailments, but he should be good to go by the middle of next week. Maypole Lass has just had a touch of a warm foot (infection), but is all good again now. Our lovely 3 yr old Tobougg filly (seen top right enjoying the sun), has now been fully clipped and is starting to look like the real deal. As you can see from her photo, she has lovely big ears, which is always something we like to see. Sir Henry Cecil always liked to source his yearlings with big ears, as he maintained that all of his best horses had them!! Not sure that it works in humans! There are still shares available in her, but please to remember that the purchase price of a share goes up 200 on the first of every month to cover the costs that have been incurred. Please take a look at her on the For Sale Page for further information about her outstanding pedigree and history so far. Give me a call on 07909 518902 or email with any questions. Guest Of Honour leaves Fences Farm today, he should have a new home by this time next week, and we just have to wait for his replacement to be vetted on Monday. Fingers crossed that all goes well!!




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