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Friday 30 May

The Search Goes On!

A full day at the Brightwells Cheltenham sales yesterday, but ultimately a fruitless one!! I had trawled the catalogue, and Stuart and I covered a few miles in the morning looking at the possible targets, there looked like some likely types - it just depended on the trade. Our Irish contact was a huge help, identifying some of the more likely Point To Pointers that would fall in budget, and casting his eye over a few of them with us. It was a busy old morning, and as the sales started we thought we would be going home with a nice one, but after being underbidder on an early one, the ring went mad, and the trade took off! Horses we all felt would fall in budget were making twice the money, and even my attempts at buying horses out of the ring eventually failed. To add to the mix, a horse I have been trying to buy for a month is now out of training, so that rules that out as well!! It has been a case of one step forward and 2 back just lately, but our approach is proven, and no matter what the budget, we will not rush into buying a horse that we are not happy with - patience will be rewarded. At home, Alice had a sit on DC yesterday, and was 100% happy that he is over his tiny niggle he suffered last week. With Benefit Cut, Smart Exit, and San Telm heading over to Ann and Colin's Ringtail Farm this morning, DC will move into the field and enjoy a few weeks 'off'. At least being at Cheltenham yesterday, gave me the chance of standing in the sunshine, lighting a cigarette, and dreaming of the little grey lad charging up that hill - so it wasn't a completely wasted day after all!!!



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