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Wednesday 4 May

Sneeky Ride

Brett The Vet was in this morning, and while he was there he gave Sneaking Budge a thorough examination. SB has been off games for a couple of months due to a ligament strain in his near hock. The injury was very swollen, and that took a long time to get down. The vet has always been very happy with his progress despite it not looking the prettiest along the way. SB was injected a number of weeks ago, and the swelling dissipated, after which he has been spending time on the walker every day. This morning he was checked over very thoroughly, with the vet flexing his joint and checking him out both at the walk and trot. He is delighted with progress, and has now prescribed a month of controlled exercise, so SB will have some shoes on, and be ridden away for a month, after which he should be given the all clear to go out in the field for a few weeks. He will need the outdoors with his pals after being locked in his stable for most of the year so far!



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