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Wednesday 15 August

Nearly Done

Yesterday we announced that we were no longer able to offer horses in 25 shares, with the current filly, 'Lily' being the last one that will be syndicated in a group of this size. As envisaged, it has meant that we have had a lot of interest in the remaining shares, and with more sold in her last night, and several more enquiries, it will not be long before she is sold out! In fact it has been a busy few days on the shares front - yesterday we had the pleasure of showing the three horses that shares are available in to Philip and Anne, who have shares in horses on the flat, and are looking for some winter fun - hopefully we will be seeing them again soon. Go Millie Go seems to be popular at the moment, with 2 further enquires about her yesterday afternoon - it is looking like we will have the FULL signs out by the time the season starts, which is always a good sign! Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the options we have available, 0r 07909 518902 It was a good morning over at Fences Farm yesterday - Getaway Mixie looked good cantering, 'Lily' had her first canters, and wondered what it was all about - but she will soon get the drop of things! Land League looks great, and will be back on the track next month - probably over hurdles, and Kaloci, who has only recently returned to the yard was being her usual angsty self! She is in fine form!!



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