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Saturday 25 August

Moved In

I have spent so much time at Fences Farm this week, I have almost moved in! August is always a busy month, with lots of owners taking advantage of nice weather to come and see their horses now that they are all back in work, and most of them are cantering. At this stage they all look fantastic, and seem in flying form. Classic Ben has certainly matured from last season, as you woiuld expect, it is easy to forget that he cam as just a 4 yr old, and is now bigger and stronger. Land League looks great, and will probably be the first of ours to run in about 4 weeks - there is a share for sale in him if anyone is interested - get in touch. 07909 518902. Pull Together has been walking and trotting with Queenohearts since the start of the month, and both will begin cantering very soon. Molly Childers, has also matured, and looks great. Kaloci, is well, and she to will be cantering very soon. San Seb is doing 2 full canters, and really looks the part. He will (ground permitting) make his debut in early October, and will have an 'away day' for a piece of work before then - just to bring him on mentally more than anything! Kaloci's half sister, Lily has all the tremendous attitude of her older sis. She loves to get on with life. She was only broken in in the spring, and did the bare minimum - she returned to Fences Farm in mid July, and only 11 days ago she did her first canter. This morning she did 2 good canters, and goes upsides, and in single file. She has a great outlook, and is a really fast learner - there are a very limited number of shares left in her, so get in touch if you would like more info! Getaway Mixie is doing plenty of cantering, and is another that likes to get on with life. After nearly losing her life in the spring, she has already written the first half of what would be an astonishing story, and let's hope that the toughness and will to win she showed in staying alive earlier in the year holds up when she makes the track! Go Millie Go has herself another new owner, which means that there is only 1 share left in her - she is a gorgeous mare, and Stuart really likes her despite her being off games for a couple of weeks, after getting a blackthorn in her hock, which caused the joint to swell up hugely overnight, and had to be surgically removed. She will be back to work very soon. The one that continues to really catch the eye is Our Bubba - he is a fine looking horse, with huge ability, and looks stunning when he is cantering in the string - the eye is always drawn to him. He is only 4 years old, and everyone that has riden him, including Ciaran yesterday absolutely love him! He is FOR SALE, just like Maria's Benefit was, and just like Theclockisticking was! We all know how they both turned out - so don't let this one slide past!!



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