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Tuesday 8 September

Pastures New

Land League ran in Fontwell on Sunday. After having a run to 'blow the cobwebs away' in Uttoxeter a couple of weeks ago, he had the blinkers back on, and we were hopeful of a decent run. It has to be said - the race he found himself in was a very poor heat, and in his pomp he would have been very hard to beat off of a mark of 100, but he hasn't found his pomp for a while - the fact that he was running off of 100 shows that. He has had multiple issues along the way, including a leg fracture, and wind issues that have obviously contributed to his dwindling form, and Stuart has done very well to get out of him what he has over the last couple of years. After a very laboured effort on Sunday I had to talk to all of his remaining owners about his future and gauge their thoughts. All agreed that we were coming to an end with him, with the majority favouring retiring him immediately, while he is sound and healthy. Larry was a grand servant - he only won the once, but placed a further 12 times from 23 starts. We will now look for a job for him in his retirement. Having fully syndicated the Kapgarde filly within 48 hours - It is time to think about our next project, and for this one we are turning our attention to France. Recent events have highlighted the high costs, and abysmal prize money on offer here in the UK, and it has re ignited thoughts we were having a couple of years ago about having a horse trained and running in France. Over the past few years we have built up some very good contacts over there, and we are now in a good position to put something in place. We are putting together a small syndicate of between 5 and 8 people, to buy and run a young jumper over there. The horse will be purchased at the upcoming Arqana Autumn Sale in Deauville, and the plan is for it to go into training with Frances' Champion jumps trainer Francois Nicolle. The prize money in France is currently at a different level to that in the UK, the training fees (even for the Champion Trainer) are significantly lower than the UK, and other costs associated with their keep and running are also a lot less. We will be purchasing a 2 yr old, that will be aimed at 3 yr old races in the spring. There have been a few of us talking about his for a few weeks - we even had a horse lined up - but it didn't quite come off, and there has been plenty of interest from people that I have discussed the plan with. If you are interested please email for further details. The Kapgarde filly arrives at Jason Maguires this morning to begin the next step of her career. Jason will get her going and pre train her before she heads off up the road to Fergal O'Briens in a couple of months. I can't wait to see her on the track! She was syndicated so fast, that I was left with a reserve list of folks that wanted a share, but were just not fast enough with their fingers - so we are on the look out for another horse to fit the same sort of model. I was offered one on Sunday - and am waiting for some further information about her - should she fit the bill, it will be full steam ahead again - if you don't want to miss out then please let me know you are interested now, and I will add you to the list - she will be 25/week all inclusive again, with no capital cost. Remember, as a handful of folks found out last time - he/she who hesitates is lost. Just as another little teaser - we will also be purchasing a filly from France to go juvenile hurdling this winter. She will be syndicated as a 12 strong group, with a purchase price of between 1000 and 2000, and monthly fees at 200. Again get in touch if this model suits you. 07909 518902



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