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Nick Brown RacingEach horse is owned by a partnership being made up of a maximum of 10 individual shares (8 works well). This gives each shareholder the feeling of being the sole owner of that particular horse. I manage the partnerships and am in contact with trainers on a daily basis and am therefore able to keep partners fully informed of all developments. I will always call partners personally, not as in some cases, communicate by impersonal text messages or emails we strive to make ownership a very intimate experience.

There are no salaries or profits deducted by anyone for the day to day running of any Nick Brown Racing Partnership. There are:

This means that every penny paid into a partnership account is there for the sole purpose of buying, training and running the horse.

Each partner actually owns their share. There is a real tangible feeling of ownership in one of our partnerships - not just a sense of being one of the masses in a syndicate or racing club.

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