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All partnerships are registered on an individual basis with The British Horse Racing Board. Every partners' details are submitted to them, ensuring peace of mind and the security of a partnership agreement. This also means that each Partnership has its own account with Wetherbys Bank through which all training expenses, entry and jockey fees are paid. A monthly statement is always available on request.

The price of individual shares will vary in accordance with the purchase price of the horse, but the usual price is between £750 and £3000 with the monthly costs paid by standing order into the Wetherbys Account set at a constant £200 a month.

This monthly payment covers all costs; training fees, gallop fees, vets bills, transport and race day expenses. No extra payment for unexpected items will ever be requested.

The Nick Brown Racing Clubs are run along similar lines - just bigger. 25 members pay a set fee of £20 per week, with a guarantee of no extra charges, and a 4% share will usually cost between £300 and £500. These clubs are a great way to get involved at the minimum cost.You are not tied in to a set term, so if you decide that ownership is not for you, you are free to leave, so long as the costs are still being covered during the period that it takes to sell your share.

Wetherbys are also responsible for all VAT matters concerning each partnership. Through their VAT desk, all dues paid on the purchase price and training fees of each horse is reclaimed. This can lead to a saving of thousands of pounds per year enabling us to maintain excellent value for money.

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