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When I began forming ownership partnerships in 1991 I asked myself what I would want out of owning a share in a race horse and hoped that by doing this I would be able to offer a service which encompassed all of the fun and enjoyment of sole ownership at a fraction of the cost.

I was not at all sure that this was achievable by being part of a racing club whose sole purpose seemed to be to get as many people together as possible to share the costs of racing other peoples horses, the horse would run in a club name, owners badges were only available through a ballot and the whole experience seemed to be very remote. I knew I would like to be a lot nearer the action!

There are two forms of multiple ownership under the current rules of racing. A 'partnership' is a group of between 2 and 20 owners and a 'syndicate' is a similar organisation but has many more members and is usually run more along club lines, often with more than one horse.

I decided therefore that partnerships offered the kind of one to one service that I was looking for as the number of people involved with each horse was limited by British Horse Racing Board regulations to just twenty. In fact I have limited our partnerships to a maximum of 10 shares per horse.

This gives the prospective owner with a small budget a wonderful way into the sport and maintains a friendly one to one feel to ownership in a system where individuals count.

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