Sunday 9 February

It is proving to be a quiet time just now. We had a couple of runners from the Edmunds yard last weekend, but there is nothing on the radar now for a couple of weeks. An update on the two runners last weekend - Molly Childers is fine, she lost a shoe in the race, and when a shoe was to be refitted she was found to have another painful corn, which is something else she suffers with. Luckily it came to light after her run - if it had troubled her before hand she could well have had to miss the race. Classic Ben was scoped on Tuesday, and found to have a respiratory infection, and be full of mucus - he is now on a course of antibiotics. It means he must have been under the weather when he ran last Saturday, and makes his run more credit worthy. Molly will be out again later this month, and Classic Ben will be targeted at The Midlands National, or a staying chase around that time should the ground be very very testing on the day. At present, out of the 11 horses under our care at Fences Farm, these are the only 2 in full work - Land League will soon be back up to full duties after a mid winter break. Blue Bikini is just having an easier time of things after just showing the signs of being in hard work for a time. Figarella Borget is back exercising after cutting her leg badly in her stable. Our Bubba has recovered from his latest set back, but the decision has been made to let him off for the rest of the season. By the time he would be fully fit, the ground would be on the quick side, so he will have the extra few months off, and heads to The Elms this week, where he will join another long term injury, San Seb out in the field - They will both be back in training in July. Go Millie Go is also off games for a spell after suffering a pelvic injury a few weeks ago, She remains at Fences Farm, and will resume training when the vet gives her the go ahead. Hi Ho Silva Lining is another young horse who has suffered with a respiratory infection. Again, quite common for young horses in hard work for the first time, and he will be given the time to recover. Queenohearts is another that has missed this season, and she will be back in training in August this year. Yauthym, who is in the care of Fergal O'Brien was not asked to run in Ludlow earlier this week - quite a relief as the race was a farce. She is also having an easier time of things, and will run again next month, which was always the plan for her. She has a rating of 121 and is an exciting prospect, as Fergal ensures me that there is more to come from her. Off of that mark I would think there needs to be, but these juveniles are all rated against each other, and the plan we have for her means that her handicap rating is not too relavent. Our investment syndicate horses continue to impress, and it was good to see Harry Fowler and Andrew Hickman of Tattersalls Ireland in at The Elms Stud last week to see the three year olds that will be heading to the sales this spring/summer. They were very happy with what they saw.

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